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Content contributions to the Forecasting Healthy Futures Global Summit are now being accepted. We invite you to share your knowledge and experience in climate-sensitive infectious diseases, climate-resilient health systems, and emerging technologies with our global health community. Please submit an abstract for our consideration.


We will gladly evaluate all abstracts, for inclusion as an oral presentation, a poster summary of your work, or a proposed panel presentation on a relevant subject.

We are particularly interested in the below topics:

  1. RESEARCH. Recent research or prediction models focused on the impact of climate change on climate-sensitive infectious diseases

  2. ANALYSIS.  Analysis of health systems’ climate readiness, or gaps in current capacities for climate resilient health systems

  3. SOLUTIONS.  Emerging data sources, technologies, applications, or other solutions in support of improved disease control and elimination programs in the context of climate change

Session Format:
Session Theme:

Please describe your session. The following questions are intended to help guide your description but are not required.

  • What is your session?

    How does it contribute towards building an evidence base of the impact of climate change on the range, frequency, or volatility of infectious disease transmission?

  • How might it improve health outcomes?

  • How might it contribute towards building climate-resilient health systems?

  • How can the information you share be applied by Summit participants?

  • If you propose a full panel, please include the names, titles, and organization of additional panelists

  • Please link or attach any other supporting documentation

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Thanks for submitting! Someone will be with you as soon as we can.

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